Rock Camp SLC

Code of Conduct Policy

Rock Camp SLC (RCSLC) firmly believes in restorative justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.

Violations of code of conduct are taken very seriously. They can also provide an opportunity for growth for individuals and organizations. RCSLC aims to provide opportunities for redemption when a violation has occurred. At each step in the process, you will be given options as to how you can continue to work with RCSLC, as deemed appropriate by the leadership team.

Violations of our code of conduct are rated as minor, (i.e. numerous absences, off-task, non-supportive, etc.) major, (i.e. disrespect to people or equipment, etc.) and/or severe, (i.e. theft/vandalism, bullying, slurs, violence/aggression, intoxication/illegal drugs, etc). Violations are reviewed on a case by case basis, and ratings are determined by information gathered by the leadership team and directors.

The following is a breakdown of the procedures in place, when a violation of code of conduct is reported to the leadership team:

Step 1 The individual(s) will be asked to have a discussion with the leadership team. A verbal warning will be issued. You may be asked to leave on suspension during this step.

Step 2 Discussion with leadership team and a written warning signed by all people present. You may be asked to leave on suspension, and some volunteer or other participation privileges and/or duties may be revoked during this step.

Step 3 Discussion with leadership team, written agreement by all people present detailing expectations of the individual(s) moving forward. You may be asked to leave on suspension or be expelled temporarily or permanently during this step.

Major violations will begin at step 2.

Severe violations will begin at step 3.

Failure to participate in this process can be grounds for immediate removal and inability to work with RCSLC for any of its programs.