We have campers who would love to attend Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls, but are in need of a scholarship for the $250 registration fee. Here are some quotes from their scholarship applications - can you help us sponsor a camper?

"I love music and have always wanted to play the drums. Going to this camp will let me learn more about how music is made and to meet other girls like me who love making music!" Sarah, 14

" I think it would be a great opportunity to learn to play the guitar better, make new friends, and do what I love." Jasmin, 10

"I love music, love to sing, & make friends. I think it would be fun to be in a band with other people & make songs." Hannah, 9

"Over the summer, my aunt and I get to spend Tuesdays together while my mom works... those are the days I get to learn music and play on the drums. I want to pursue music because it makes me happy and it's something I can do while spending time with my family." Mya, 9